What Sets HempNova Apart From Other Distributors

Find Wholesale Hemp Products

At HempNova Lifetech, our mission is cultivation, extraction, and high quality production to provide business with high-quality, wholesale hemp products. But what makes us stand out among other distributors? Learn more about what makes HempNova Lifetech different and shop our wholesale hemp products today!

A hand holding the leaves of a young hemp plant.

Trusted Partner for Product Supplies

HempNova offers fully integrated services to help maximize the value of hemp businesses. As an operator of one of the largest CBD flower drying facilities in the USA, when you choose us as your wholesale hemp product distributors, you get Premium Oregon Grown Hemp flowers that are always consistent, uniform, and delivered in the best condition possible. Make HempNova your trusted partner for any hemp products you need!

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High-Quality Products

When you work with HempNova, you can rest assured that all of our products are THC-free and proudly made in America. When it comes to your business and customers, never compromise — especially when it comes to hemp products. Instead, work with HempNova to get high-quality products at a competitive price.

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Competitive Prices

Our team works hard to keep our pricing competitive. So when you choose HempNova, you know that not only are you getting high-quality hemp products, but you’re also getting competitive pricing for our wholesale products.

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The Best People & Extensive Knowledge Base

The HempNova team is made up of the best people with an extensive knowledge base. All of our products are lab tested and free of additives and pesticides. With our knowledge, we are here to help hemp farms seeking to maximize growth, yield, quality, and productivity. Don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions or to get started with our wholesale hemp products.

From our high-quality wholesale hemp products to our years of lab testing and extensive knowledge base, HempNova Lifetech is here to help you get the most for your business. Work with us today and choose a business that stands out from other wholesale hemp distributors.