The HempNova CBD Process

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At HempNova Lifetech, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality wholesale hemp products. Every step of the process, from growing and harvesting to biomass extraction, is overseen by our team of growers and scientists at our 45-acre farm.

Learn a little more about our CBD process and what goes into creating our high-quality products!


A hemp plant sprouting from a pile of soil held in a man’s hands.


Our team of growers and scientists are with our hemp plants from seedling to when they’re ready to be harvested. Our growing process complies with all federal, state, and local regulations to ensure that we are sourcing only the top hemp strains that have the best genetics.

Hands checking on a hemp plant growing in a field.

Harvesting & Trimming

Once our hemp flowers are ready to be harvested, our team will harvest them by hand in the best weather, ensuring that no frost or harmful substances damage the flower. We use our custom-designed harvesters to safely and quickly transport our fresh flowers to the drying facility.

On top of carefully hand picking our flower, our team also hand trims using our state-of-the-art Mobius machine trimmers. This gives us hemp flowers that always meet the highest standards of taste and visual appeal!

A bowl of dried hemp flower.


At HempNova, we use the traditional “hang” drying to slow dry our hemp flowers. While they dry, they are kept in our climate-controlled drying facility for five to seven days, until they are dry. We’ve found that this process ensures that the flowers dry free of mold while the CBD/CBG content and terpene profiles are still preserved.

A hand holding a pile of dried hemp flowers.


Curing is an integral step in the CBD process, so we have a team of dedicated personnel who carefully cure our dried flowers. This process occurs in a cool, dark environment to ensure quality, flavor, and potency.

Once that process is done, our flower is ready for the next stage. Customers can buy our wholesale hemp flower as is, or we can use that dried flower for biomass extraction. When it comes to wholesale hemp products, look no further than HempNova Lifetech.