How To Tell If Hemp Oil Is High-Quality

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Specifically taken from parts of hemp plants that have a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD), hemp extracts and CBD oil are both ingredients with an abundance of health benefits. With compounds easily absorbed and digested into our bodies, research has shown that CBD oil can offer pain relief, improved sleep, and a calming effect to combat anxiety. But how do you identify high-quality hemp oil? At HempNova Lifetech, we don’t just produce great hemp oil, we also help you find it. Here is what to look for when shopping for hemp oil.

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Often, if you come across hemp oil that is surprisingly cheap, this is because the product is poorly manufactured. Using methods that include harmful solvents such as pentane, butane, and hexane, these cheap companies extract CBD oil in a manner that can be toxic. At HempNova Lifetech, our process is organic without the use of pesticides. This assures you that we safely prepare our oil for human consumption.

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Recognizing that the hemp oil company is utilizing a well-maintained facility to grow hemp is critical to the purchase process. At our farms and greenhouses in Central Point, Oregon, we carefully cultivate and monitor our plants. Hemp is impacted by its surroundings, so removing surrounding metals like mercury is essential. CBD oil sourced from the United States is required to be licensed by the State Departments of Agriculture, so you can feel confident buying it.

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hemp oils should not smell or taste like chemicals. If you smell oil that comes across as soapy, then it is not high quality. This is the sign of a cheap manufacturer that did not put care into crafting a product that is up to your standards. The oil should smell and taste how it is described on its label, not like a chemistry experiment.

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Check the Label and COA

Evaluating the product’s label will tell you many important details about the oil. First, it should tell you the concentration of CBD in the droplets. This is important because you don’t want it to be too altered down, but if concentration levels are too high, this can also be bad. Another thing to look for is if the oil is “Full Spectrum” or “Whole-Plant”. Both of these are indicators that the oil includes an entire range of properties from hemp plants that make for a better product.

As an industry leader in the production of lab-tested, effective, and quality hemp products, HempNova Lifetech can provide your business with wholesale hemp oil and many other hemp-based products such as premium flower, gummies, pre-rolls, and vape liquids. For more information about our process, contact us today!