White CBG – CBG Flower


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Taste: Earthy, Vanilla, Wild Flower.

Delta Infused Flowers are also available.

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Our White Flower CBG is known for its earthy taste which contains unique notes of both vanilla and wildflower. Delta infused flowers are also available. At HempNova, we are delighted to provide you with a high-quality hemp flower that you are sure to love. At the end of the day, we’re here to offer a great product whose quality is unmatched by any other, from seed to mass production, because we have two state-of-the-art facilities and a passion for our work that ensures complete client satisfaction. For the team at HempNova, our hard work is a must because we know that it provides each of our clients with industry-leading service and an unrivaled CBD/CBG flower, so don’t hesitate to call us at 541.778.4420 with any questions you may have or for more details about our products.


  • 1lb Flower, Regular
  • 1lb Flower, 60g D8 Infused

Each flower we offer is crafted with love from beginning to end. HempNova’s staff takes the most cautious measures throughout the harvesting, drying, curing, and trimming processes to guarantee that you receive a high-quality product. After cultivation, flowers are then kept in a temperature-controlled environment after being picked and trimmed manually with help from our dual Mobius Trimmers.

HempNova is the leader in hemp flower. We’re on Southern Oregon’s ideal 42-degree latitude line, which allows us to provide the greatest quality products. Due to our ideal soil conditions and a scientific sun-growing technique, we select the flowers ourselves and ensure that they are of the highest possible quality. We use our completely custom “sci-fi style” harvest transporters to pick the flowers at HempNova, and the hemp blossoms are then dried in a brand-new, high-tech, and automated climate chamber with a 54,000-square-foot capacity. The flowers are kept in “five-star hotels” for five to seven days to ensure that the CBD and terpene qualities are maintained.

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1lb Flower, Regular


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